Professional Skills Training and Workshops

We provide all students with relevant training to undertake the roles they are undertaking whether it is project work on a challenge or work for our Committee. Training has been provided by external bodies such a BOND (the membership body for UK International Development NGOs) as well as NGOs who help deliver bespoke training courses for our students. Examples of training courses include: Monitoring and Evaluation; Advocacy skills; Writing Funding Proposals and Impact Assessment. All student activity with SIDshare is recognised on students Higher Education Achievement Records (HEAR).

One of our partner NGOs, AID Works recently conducted a Real-Time Review with the SIDshare Committee to help them identify ways to improve the effectiveness of SIDshare’s operations and to give them insight into the challenges of running an NGO. The Real-Time Review process was designed to improve the committee’s skills in monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment and project management.

Where students are working on an international development ‘challenge’ or a particular campaign they will be mentored through the process by a relevant international development professional. We have a growing roster of professionals including University alumni who have agreed to support our students.